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The Abbey Vineyard Group, based in Lincolnshire, produces fine English wines from numerous grape varieties nurtured and grown at their own vineyards in England. Our vineyards are situated in Nottinghamshire (East Bridgford), Leicestershire (Keyham), Rutland (Rutland Water and Preston) and Buckinghamshire (Amersham) with soil types varying from chalk and limestone to calcareous clay, each well suited to vine growing.

The Romans planted vines in England during their occupation some 1,600 years ago, cultivating them as far north as Lincolnshire, and there is evidence to suggest that the practice remained popular throughout medieval times - odd then that English wine is still considered to be a relatively a new idea!

English wine is currently enjoying a high degree of popularity with demand being very high. With around 400 vineyards in England, the production of English wines continues to grow with many achieving critical acclaim - good news for English vine growers!

With English wines having won a record 24 medals at the 2009 International Wine Challenge, the World's largest wine competition, experts are now suggesting that England is poised to become a major producer of wine in the near future.

Our current stock includes Bacchus Dry White and Rosé table wines and a Sparkling White demi sec wine made from the Reichensteiner grape. These and others will soon be available to buy online - contact us for details.

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